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GST Registration Consultants

GST Registration Consultants

As a consultant of GST, we help you in getting the GST services like Registration,

Migrating from existing tax regime to GST: we support you in generating the provisional ID and password for GST enrolment and with supporting documents, we apply for migration in online in order to get migrated registration certificate under GST

Regarding in taking the new registration under GST. The government was yet to release the procedure, once it got released we will proceed for new registration process.

As a consultant, we not only support you in registration, but also in transition support, tax filings, return submission, tax planning and other related matters to GST.

The GST law provides for registrations of various persons. This article aims at enlightening the readers about the persons who are required to take registration and other provisions related to registration.

As per Statute, the following Persons are liable for compulsory registration. They are:

1. Person making inter-state taxable supply
2. Casual taxable person making taxable supply
3. Non-resident taxable person
4. Person who is required to deduct tax
5. Person who acts as agent or otherwise to taxable person
6. Input Service Distributer
7. Person who pays tax under Reverse charge mechanism
8. Electronic commerce operator.
9. Any other persons notified by Government on recommendation of council.
10. Person supplying the online information and database access (or) retrieval services.

Every Person who is liable to get registration under statute or voluntary registration shall obtain Permanent Account Number (PAN) from the Income Tax department.

Every Person who is required to deduct Tax, shall need to obtain Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN).

Any Multilateral Financial Institution and Organization notified by the United Nations Organizations, Embassy of foreign countries shall obtain a Unique Identification Number (UIN), and such UIN need to be mentioned on the Invoices.

Every person who has multiple business can take registration for each business separately. And separate GST registration has to be taken for each state.

Once the registration is granted and it is permanent unless surrendered or cancelled.

Time Limit for Registration:

Every liable person should take registration within 30 days from the date on which he becomes liable to registration. In case of casual taxable person or non-resident taxable persons shall apply for registration at least five days prior to commencement of business.

Registration relating to Casual taxable person or Non-resident taxable person:

The Certificate of registration issued to the Casual taxable person or Non-resident taxable person, shall be valid for a period specified period mentioned in the certificate or ninety days from date of registration, whichever is earlier. The taxable person can extend the said period of ninety days by a further period of not exceeding the ninety days.

Casual taxable person or Non-resident taxable person at the time of application they need to make advance deposit of tax amount which is equivalent to the estimated tax liability of such person for that period.

Cancellation of Registration:

Any Registration granted under this act may be cancelled by the proper authority subject to provisions of law.

If a person gets cancellation of registration under CGST, then he shall be deemed to be cancellation of registration under SGST mutually and vice versa.

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